quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Unicef & New Look

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I'm always very happy when I see places helping RL. I just sent a notice telling about this store on my group. I hope that many people could come to Scars and donate FROM HEART some lindens to our childrens all over the world. Also the lil Michael Jackson dolls is free for the group members. Why don't you come now?

Donate from your heart to UNICEF at Scars store

So now I could find this PERFECT template(i mod it,lol). I loved this new look, what do you think? Hahá. Well, I hope that it become more easy to read my blog. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. Love you all <3 and thank you for the visit.

terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

Purple Broken

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Haha. Wow, Flor can sew? Well, with this face, maybe not. LOL

Outfit * JAZMYN D (LB)
Watch * Jetcity
Glasses * :::LiNe::: Geeky Glasses (TAH hunt)
2 Cigs * N326 (ALBERO GACHA)

Hair * !lamb. Ambrosia - Butterfinger
Foot * Tropica Flip Flops - Tiki Java Vanilla / nonfree 600L

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Playing with sunflowers

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Hair . *nManMa* & **Dura** summer gift FREE
Shoes . OOTW 28 - Deviant Designs HUNT GIFT
Jacket . P&P Prim & Pixel - Hawaiian Shirt Black Floral SUBS GIFT
Bag . SAIKIN straw bag K8 red and star(left shoulder) GIFT AT SECRET ROOM
Shorts . .::Mother Goose's::. shorts 2 1 (heart on butt, so cute!) GROUP NOTICE
Skin . ==Treasure Skin 5a== 10L
Cigarette . HELLO DAVE SMILE / LONG nonfree!
Nails . Oo FLUFFY oO Neu Nailz - Autum Leaves Multi Colored 02 CAMP CHAIR
Cheek . Oo FLUFFY oO Dolly Cheeks Gacha - 001 Pink GACHA
Pose . *EverGlow* - PPH2 - Female pose 2 HUNT GIFT

terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

One love, one heart!

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I'm very happy to contribute with those things. I hope that i could see many smiles on this event! Also I wish to help as volunteer to the next event like this one. :),

Check items

Outfit & skin: G&N Abla 200L for a great reason: "Feed a Smile"  >>>> TP THERE
Hair: Kin-(Freebie)Kestrel -[black] Other type of hairs on one box / free
Shoes & backup bag: Stiletto Moody BARE Lana Free for limited time

segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010

Feed a Smile Event Started!

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This wonderful event has started. I hope you come to help Kenya child. Every 100L is one meal for one child. 100% of your money will be donated to the charity. More info: http://feed-a-smile.blogspot.com

Have a nice shopping and party with us ^^ Have fun!

When: July 10th - 18th
Place: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pepita/58/108/43

sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

Gimme some beer.

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Today I had some lucky. What a wonderful place it is! Yes I know that this cloth is not appropriate for this location but forgive me. LOL! I have this boots for a long time and now I wanted to use it. Isn't lovely? and free from Maitreya - subscribe.  Cheers!!!!!!! :D

++ PLUS ++

Twinkle Night Bazaar is also a event for Tanabata, do not lose it. And Sorry to not posted it on other entry lol; there have A LOT OF ITEMS for great price also yukata, so cute :) Well, i love Japanese couture <3 P.S. END up on July 11th; hurry up - Enjoy! 

GO: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Baruodos/222/167/1045

Fashion check.
Shoes - Maitreya SoHo Boots 'PatentMix Black' Subscribe gift
Pants - [Kyoot] - Nonsensical Pants - Argyle Or Something nonfree
Top***Ambrosia** black top floral skirt gift
Hair - (Posh) ; Im a hipster ; Caramel nonfree

quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

Tanabata memory

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Great season to have a good time. Today I remembered about Japan, and I was thinking about my dear friends there. Tanabata is a wonderful event, like the pic, they use yukata and watch some beautiful fireworks with family, friends, or special person :)

Isn't lovely?
They spend Tanabata event in this way, great feelings and thoughts with someone. I loved my watermelon, Nuba preferred his tea :D It was good hon?

This place is a great spot to reflect about life... I loved to talk about many things also about my thoughts, maybe i'm a philosopher? lol; That's made me feel more powerful. You are a such good friend for me, so please be who you are forever. *Smiles* Thank you again for your company.

segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

Secret room and the red clogs

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Kathien and me at secret SAIKIN's room, did you went there yet?
Who don't know about this MINI hunt? Well, you should try it to get this cute RED CLOGS from SAIKIN then! It was very funny because she was trying hard to find the clogs but NONE know that there is a secret room. I can give ya hint.

Wow there is a secret road under the "xxxxx"... WOOOoaOAoaoAO, .. omg !!!

Place You will see for sure THAT room and remember about me:) Enjoy! ahhahaha

I'm wearing
Sassy Kitty dress - Subscribo gift
SAIKIN red clogs - Hunt item but 1L
Posh hair

About my friend outfit you can check on her blog :) xoxo

quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Greetings to Canada!

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Happy Birthday to Canada! Also for my dear friends from Canada: Nuba, Yume and Demona!
(Maybe have more ppl, but I just don't know) I met Demona on this club today who I loved to met. Thank you for the friendship offer, I hope that we can be good friends :) YAY!
Have a peaceful day there, also in Toronto that is having a big trouble about the G20 and G8, but anyway my greetings from Brasil to ya'll there. I hope i'm looking good on this CANADIAN bikini? Hahahá.
Well, Brasilian ppl i'm not despising our LOVELY country ok? lol. You know my love for my country just looking to my blog. Hahá.

HEXA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Fashion check 
Shoes - ABOMB Kelly Shoes - Navy Blue
Skirt - .:PS:. Green Midrise Skirt Prim (pelvis) dollarbie month gift
Hair - [ ! ] Locks
Necklace - [FiL]  gift 3 at *LP* Design
Ballon - PMoon-CANADA Ballon-an got it on the club for free
Bikini - Made by Naomi Spearmann gift from Demona <3


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