quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

60% off

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Hello guys. Well... I came here to talk to my visitors, ahá~ anyone hear me? LOL;
I was thinking about the comments. Is anyone coming here to check my posts? Hahá; I'm lil curious to know about yours. This is not a Fashion blog, but I love so much freebies, I think that this blog can help so much the newbies :) Also I started with other blog, it's more personal one (http://held.tumblr.com/) which i'm liking so much, because it's so easy and quick to upload and post things. Do you know the "tumblr"? If you do not have a blog yet, I really recommend this system. Blogger is very good, but not for beginners, yes?
If you are starting blog TODAY on tumblr, you can send me IM if you have any question, and please, FOLLOW ME there LOL! I'm looking for new friends, yay!

Nice news:
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Zapico/18/174/36 Boon
60% off sale ends on 17 May - Hurry

Boon will open new main store at SAIKIN :)

quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

Marcus Inkpen - No sound

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Explore here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Utopia04/162/63/40

Can you enter on this misterious temple-hotel? AHAHAH, well try clicking on the rooms, what happens with the lights? :D


terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010

*little kasiopaya* Planets and Art labyrinth

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Description: space, planets, universe, stars, shop, hidden cuddle corners, dance, annimations, effects, art, custom work, ballroom, night sim, particle effects, more to come soon, join group kasiopaya events


sábado, 1 de maio de 2010

Welcome to Spring 2010 - FREE

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"Have fun!" 
by Charlee

Isn't nice event? you should go there and see how much beautiful is our RL!
On this event Charlee put so many pictures of spring flowers from all over the world. She told for her all friends about this event, and many or ALL could help her on it sending the pictures. AND now it's comes up, available to see only for 2 WEEKS - free! hurry hurry.

Find on flickr for Charlee.Luminos@yahoo.com in people search to see all pictures ^^

Teleport: http://slurl.com/secondlife/EQuality/127/184/874


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