sexta-feira, 30 de abril de 2010

All 50L Sales at Cherry

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Fast update, lol!

Big big sales! But hurry - April 28 th - May 5th

Check the tags to know the items that you will find there ^^
Enjoy hons :)

domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Petição: Campanha Ficha Limpa! & Zombie Popcorn Hunt

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Em breve o Congresso irá votar no Projeto de Lei Ficha Limpa.

Nós temos pouco tempo para convencê-los de passar esta legislação ousada que irá mudar a política brasileira para sempre! 

A Lei Ficha Limpa irá remover das eleições candidatos que cometeram crimes sérios como desvio de verba pública, corrupção, assassinato e tráfico de drogas. Vamos pressionar nossos deputados conseguindo 2 milhões de assinaturas para mostrar que se eles não votarem pela "Ficha Limpa" não votaremos neles! Assine abaixo e depois divulgue para todo mundo: 

Prezados Parlamentares,
Nós pedimos vosso apoio ao Projeto de Lei da Ficha Limpa (PLP 518/2009). Contamos com o seu voto por eleições limpas, onde candidatos condenados por crimes graves como assassinato e desvio de verbas públicas se tornem inelegíveis. Nossos votos em outubro dependerão da sua atuação neste momento crucial da política brasileira.

Assine a petição aqui!
RT via twitter:

RT @AvaazPo Fora corruptos assinem o Projeto Ficha Limpa. Falta pouco tempo, eu já assinei:

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terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

Petition - NO to Belo Monte, Brazil

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SOS Xingu -> Please sign the petition HERE

The Xingu is endangered.
The building and exploitation of the planned hydro-electric power station Belo Monte pose an assault on the river, the environment and the local population. This threat calls for a global effort in favour of life and sustainable development. The responsibility for our Planet Earth and for a worthy life for future generations is the motive of our petition.

February 1st 2010, the Brasilian Institut of Environment and Natural Renewable Resources (IBAMA) granted the pre-licence for the hydro-electric power station Belo Monte, engaged in 40 conditions. Examples from the past show that such conditions are not followed, as soon as the construction has been started.

Planet Earth belongs to all of us.
On this planet there is only one Amazonia with its ecological diversity.
Unique is also the river Xingu.
In solidarity with the indigenous people and with the saddlers along the rivers, we confirm: The Xingu must live forever!

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segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

Thinking of you

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terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

Project Extinction: People

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Do you believe in force? Then you believe in CHANGE. I started with this project to tell more about this cruel world that needs CHANGE. I really need many helps from all over the world. Also suggestions, for more logos to divulge about this project... Please think about it!


Please if it's possible, put it on your blog to divulge about this project which we all need care about. Now I just put this one telling about PEOPLE, but have other 2 temas yet. for animals and nature. Thank you for your attention.


quinta-feira, 1 de abril de 2010

Surf Co. and artilleri

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Shorts from Surf Co. only is the only free item.
Glasses from artilleri. not free
Top, shoes from Surf Co. not free

My last day on SL ;)


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