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Be a HOT newbie for FREE

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For newbies girls/boys:
Freebie Zone (surl) - Skins, shapes and clothes
KIJIRUSHI (blog) - fast news* skins only FREE/dollarbie

Good news For newbies BOYs:
Free for men - Blog
Make him over - Blog
SL men - Blog
YouStyleSl - Blog
Fashion Freebies for Mens - Blog
Men's Second Life - Blog

All is free, let's check:
sunglass - InnerWorld Sunglasses - Gift From InnerWorld
skin - .:Hermony:. (V-DaySpecial) Skin (got at Glitterati
*kisses on cheeks, so cute!*
scarf - BALACLAVA!! vinescarf for gents (got at InnerWorld)
jacket - SARTORIA GIFT PACK "ITALIA ZIP (3 colors) 
shape - Freebie Zone 

sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2010

Red Packet Hunt ♥ feb 14 ~ mar 1st

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The Spring Festival is here!
This event is celebrated by various Asian cultures in many different ways.
In Chinese tradition, on Spring Festival unmarried folks visit their elder’s homes to pay their respects, in return they get rewarded with Red Packets containing money.
In Secondlife, you pay your respects to stores and in return get Red Packets containing gifts!

Start point #1 - !Ohmai

Designers Participating:
alaMood Boutique, Allep Jeans, ARAI, Atelier AM, Aurora Shop, AY.Line, BeetleBones, Bunny B, Cockles, couverture, DUBOO, Dustarrz, glow studio, hair Oh, Happy Finds, insignia, KENZIE&CO, kik, Lark, Leafy, LG Concept, Love Soul, Mah poor Quality, Mango Mango, Miseria, mocha, Modd G, Mother Goose's, MudHoney, MY UGLYDOROTHY, NINIKO, Ohmai, (OMFG) I Love it, oyakin, PIDIDDLE, Pig, rcbg, RunoRuno, Slash Me Poses, tee*fy, This is a Fawn, tomoto, Whippet & Buck

quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2010

Easy way to rezz fast

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Hello again, today I think i'm inspired to post LOL
So, I'll help you rezz more fast. It's easy!


1. shift + ctrl + alt + 4
2. where is my av?! (don't care!)
3. wait and see that around you are rezzing fast, yes?
4. do you want more fast? -> Edit your appearance together.
5. do again the step 1
6. finish

SALES! Hot Silly Pepper's Lab

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Hello I have nice news for you today.
At Hot Silly Pepper's Lab you will see many shoes on sale: 10L flats,
PLUS Hunt gift for mens/girls : SAH (~15 Feb.)>>> Hints and Gifts pictures

I could not ignore this one:


I should represent my country LOL!

On future Brasil will win :D


Braaaaasilllll~~ lalalalallalalaiaaaaaaa 

quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

Cupid Heart Hunt ♥

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Cupid Heart Hunt is start at 2010.01.31 3:00AM(SLT)
Check the gifts on Flickr's group GO!



From the starting point, you getting the first store LM,
At the first store to find the object of the heart.

The object of the heart to buy in,
You get gift and next store the LM.

In the store, you may have provided more than gifts.
The object of the Heart "1 / 3" if there is a notation such as.

Participating stores, a total of 28 stores listed.
(Notation is different from the order of the hunt)

* Start Point * GO!

PS: Download this windlight to see that place same as this picture's!
HOW? Put the xml file on second life's folder called: Windlight > Skies.


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