quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

Cupid Heart Hunt ♥

Cupid Heart Hunt is start at 2010.01.31 3:00AM(SLT)
Check the gifts on Flickr's group GO!



From the starting point, you getting the first store LM,
At the first store to find the object of the heart.

The object of the heart to buy in,
You get gift and next store the LM.

In the store, you may have provided more than gifts.
The object of the Heart "1 / 3" if there is a notation such as.

Participating stores, a total of 28 stores listed.
(Notation is different from the order of the hunt)

* Start Point * GO!

PS: Download this windlight to see that place same as this picture's!
HOW? Put the xml file on second life's folder called: Windlight > Skies.

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