sábado, 26 de setembro de 2009

News: Naturist people on SL

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'm naturist on SL, and I wanna tell about the place that Im going to, just relax myself or talk. The sim called KAIYA ISLAND have many places beautiful. Them are LAND FOR RENT also! You can play surf, windsurf, swim, sleep, dance, have a house there, strip, etc.

I knew this place so long time ago, when I was NEWBIE, starting my SL lol. So, its a really special place for me. I hope that you enjoy it, and remember about me there ahahhahaha. And if you see me, just say Hello. :)

To be naturist you must join to the group. The fee is 450L$!(I don't know now) Go now and see the paradise.

Also, Cupid lagoon membership fee is 300L$ (You can get your partner, lesbian, gay, bi, hetero, all is ok)

Puts Corinthians empatou com o São Paulo no domingo, 1x1. Só foi aparecer o Washington! O jogo mudou completamente, o Coringão ficou sem reação!KKKK E ainda por cima o Ronaldo saiu em seguida. Apesar que o Washington levou dois cartão amarelo, resumindo, foi expulso! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Motivo tosco ainda o primeiro cartão, tirou a camisa para comemorar o seu gol. afffff Se fosse pelo menos o Adriano né! :D uuuuuuuiiiii

segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2009

Gifts from: !Ohmai

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  1. Hair: Alli&Ali Designs / MM
  2. Shoes/ jeans: Second Island (freebies store) / Needs tag to buy things there
  3. White tops 3 types + 1 white legging: !Ohmai
  4. Dotted bikini: Pin Up Boutique - Not free
  5. Poses: 40 ChereeMotion Classic Pinup Poses Copyable (stand) / MM

Today Corinthians lose for 4x1 to Goiais :*(((

sábado, 19 de setembro de 2009

Gifts at: CG

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  • Outfit:  CG [TP] gifts; Black Slit Tights and Tank Top White / dollarbie
  • Shoes: - enkythings - Talyn Grey R / free
  • Hair: ::69:: model Hair 02 -(M) 
  • Pose: 40 ChereeMotion Classic Pinup Poses Copyable (stand)

RL SPORTS talks:
Next sunday, Corinthians x São Paulo!

segunda-feira, 14 de setembro de 2009

Friend of Group: Lucky Chair Stalkers

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That was nice meeting you cHERi :) I wanted to take a pic with all friends on the group, maybe next time! (I think all girls/guys was busy seeking the lucky chairs/boards or MM. LOL!)
So, It was bad that you can't saw me, and I still can't understanding why I look as ghost for many ppl on SL, can someone help me? Because I can see myself normal :(
I hope that you have liked this image cHERi, another day we took another pic again? Aha!

Blessings my favorite group members! :)

sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

Freebies: 20 Tattoos

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Can you believe in it? then you must go there. ahaha It's not crap freebies tattoos, I really recommend this place :)
Theses 2 tattoos are my favorites!
TP now to Amanogawa.
rl SPORTS talks:
PALMEIRAS perde por 3x2 do VITÓRIA - Sep. 12 weeee o/ quero ver logo o jogo do CORINTHIANS!

quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Renewal open: {fascino}-HairSalon

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Hey ladies, another NICE news from the loved place of hairs in SL: fascino, come back again! YAY!
And now with a lovely group gift for all members :)

11 Types of hairs for ladies
3 Types of hairs for mens

(Sep. 10 - at Candy nail SIM)

TP there now.

RL SPORTS talks:

Brasil won Chile for 4x2 - Sep 9
Brasil won Argentina for 3x1 - Sep 6

For all Brazilians, win Argentina is the almost happy news on soccer :D


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