quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Greetings to Canada!

Happy Birthday to Canada! Also for my dear friends from Canada: Nuba, Yume and Demona!
(Maybe have more ppl, but I just don't know) I met Demona on this club today who I loved to met. Thank you for the friendship offer, I hope that we can be good friends :) YAY!
Have a peaceful day there, also in Toronto that is having a big trouble about the G20 and G8, but anyway my greetings from Brasil to ya'll there. I hope i'm looking good on this CANADIAN bikini? Hahahá.
Well, Brasilian ppl i'm not despising our LOVELY country ok? lol. You know my love for my country just looking to my blog. Hahá.

HEXA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Fashion check 
Shoes - ABOMB Kelly Shoes - Navy Blue
Skirt - .:PS:. Green Midrise Skirt Prim (pelvis) dollarbie month gift
Hair - [ ! ] Locks
Necklace - [FiL]  gift 3 at *LP* Design
Ballon - PMoon-CANADA Ballon-an got it on the club for free
Bikini - Made by Naomi Spearmann gift from Demona <3

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