segunda-feira, 5 de julho de 2010

Secret room and the red clogs

Kathien and me at secret SAIKIN's room, did you went there yet?
Who don't know about this MINI hunt? Well, you should try it to get this cute RED CLOGS from SAIKIN then! It was very funny because she was trying hard to find the clogs but NONE know that there is a secret room. I can give ya hint.

Wow there is a secret road under the "xxxxx"... WOOOoaOAoaoAO, .. omg !!!

Place You will see for sure THAT room and remember about me:) Enjoy! ahhahaha

I'm wearing
Sassy Kitty dress - Subscribo gift
SAIKIN red clogs - Hunt item but 1L
Posh hair

About my friend outfit you can check on her blog :) xoxo

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