quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

Tanabata memory

Great season to have a good time. Today I remembered about Japan, and I was thinking about my dear friends there. Tanabata is a wonderful event, like the pic, they use yukata and watch some beautiful fireworks with family, friends, or special person :)

Isn't lovely?
They spend Tanabata event in this way, great feelings and thoughts with someone. I loved my watermelon, Nuba preferred his tea :D It was good hon?

This place is a great spot to reflect about life... I loved to talk about many things also about my thoughts, maybe i'm a philosopher? lol; That's made me feel more powerful. You are a such good friend for me, so please be who you are forever. *Smiles* Thank you again for your company.

2 comentários:

Zefyr disse...

Cute blog!

Flor disse...

Thank you very much, i'm glad that u liked it <3


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