segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2009

Happy Halloween's gifts!

Hello guys! Have a happy Halloween time on sl or rl. YAY! ^^

Today I met this wonderful blog's owner, who call Maretch Waffle. It was really nice time talking with you hun. I hope to see you too on sl. hahá! We talked much about MIX ours blogs, lol, but we still do not decided what we'll do with that. hahá!

Fashion check:
  • Shoes: 50 flats - Striped Buckle /LC/
  • Hair: A&A - Princess Hair Coconut (resize scripted) /MM/
  • Dress + Stocking: *GF* UpdateGroupGift - Halloween Mini Dress /GG/
  • Mouth's candy: [KUE!] Halloween Sucker - BATTY [NO srul]
  • Skin: Catwalk Skin Dark Tan Skintone Cherubic Series unshaved /LC/ *fav*
  • Eyes: /artilleri/ Antie eyes *loud blue* /GG/

RL love talks:
Nossa que feriado maraaa---:D Foi o primeiro fds junto com meu namorado, que já fazia 7 meses que estavamos separaaaados pela distancia :(   Nada melhor do que ficar enxendo ele kkkkkkk

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