sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2009


Fashion check, all is free:
  • Poses: Vposes (on "50 flats" store), anotha pick's pose store - (=CF=) free poses
  • Face animation: EmoterHUD v3.1 (Unknown store/creator)
  • Outfit: *RS*
  • Shoes: ::Maschienenwerk:: Chucks_Cyan 
  • Skin: Vivien 
  • Hair: Unknown store, made by zedocaixaoo Magic
Theses shops news:
  • Vivien: Eyelashes for free!
  • Maschienenwerk: All there is FREE, and have many NICE things for mens. Theses shoes that looks like allstar have also another colors like red, black, white, pink, etc, in two style, long one or simple like this one.
  • 50 flats: Have 2 Lucky boards (always have NEW flats there) +  Gift - Halloween flats (only now) *always changing the gift* + Poses for free + 5 types or more of flats for free on the white table? where have many others flats near the enter. Search them, its REALLY free and cute :D  
RL love talks:
Pensei que ia ver meu more hoje........ triste

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