segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2009

The Skipping Stones Hunt + HINTS!

Just started, and Im finding so fast theses things.
I'm not good to search, but this hunt I'm enjoying so much. I think its not difficult to find hahahaha I don't know why!! XD Nice things on there... hope that you enjoy it!
You can have information On twitter Or in this blog* Good Lucky guys!

This list of hints was kindly supplied by Aree Lulibub, who braved the hunt on the first day
  1. This trunk is not for traveling
  2. Amongst the butterburs
  3. Up a ramp
  4. Past the Houses
  5. Skip stones in your flip flops
  6. Not hidden. Is by the hunt sign
  7. Needle and thread
  8. Stairway to Heaven
  9. Take a cart to the Festival
  10. Midnight Mania
  11. It’s cooler out here
  12. Plaid is a nice color
  13. It’s fun to have your hair styled
  14. The foliage is green
  15. From the porch you can see the sea
  16. In the shadow of a book in the theater
  17. Look for Lucy
  18. Polkadots pump me up!
  19. Peanuts grow between boxes
  20. Owls may roost here
  21. Things are free here
  22. Not hidden. On the floor.
  23. If the ceiling is cracked, the roof may leak. Go up there for a peek.
  24. Not hidden. On the floor.
  25. Where misletoe may hang
  26. Wear your sunglasses to see under a chair
  27. Mount the stairs and at the top, look behind for your rock
  28. Shade of a tree
  29. The Cosmic Princess rules
  30. A stone is not a horse’s behind
  31. Not hidden. By the hunt sign.
  32. mFox is not a peanut
  33. Patchwork pants are used to prance
  34. Not hidden. By the hunt sign
  35. Ladies like Flowers
  36. Free squids!
  37. Take a nap on something green
  38. Calvin’s partner
  39. Not hidden. By front door
  40. Butterflies are psycho?
  41. Dust all the high shelves
  42. Relax by “foul” pants
  43. Stoop to find this one
  44. Rhapsody gluttony is a sin
  45. Aviators won’t help you look under a ball
  46. A red arrow points the way
  47. Not hidden. On floor by refunds sign.
  48. Through this window is a fish
  49. Friends with the watermelon
  50. Picnics are fun
  51. Through the gravestones where the walls are dark
  52. Say cheese!
  53. (Stone Missing – proceed to 54)
  54. It might be wet here
  55. Babydolls are for little girls
  56. Over every door should be a window
  57. Read a book and you will see me
  58. Old MacDonald’s picnic
  59. That mannequin stepped on me!
  60. You should be invited to the group
  61. This hunt was a barrel of fun.

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