terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010

Meu Brasil brasileiro

Hello, wb to Flor? Hah. I hope you missed me? Well today I come with this nice picture with nice flags on my body, nah? HAHAHA! World cup is coming and i'm very anxious. Also i'm in Brasil right now (i don't like to write "Brazil" - eek), so anywhere here is green and yellow. I hope see many people shouting anywhere else for Brazil LOL 

Do you know where i can find others cloth with brasil flag? I want it! HAHAHA I don't know about your country but here, almost of people like to watch/play soccer (everyone know this already, lol), but I do like so much sports and on this special year i get very excited with. I have seem Brasil winning a long time ago in Brasil, and now i will see again Brazilians shouting for Brasil team! I'm very happy to be here this year.

Sports can change many people life, that's why i like it a lot. Also can play with different country people. It no needs talk to play. So i hope to see many face smiling this year with this big event in Africa! Poor people of Africa needs more care, they will love to be there watching soccer. But I know that's not all people can see it... More care of Africa! 

Skin: Candy Doll - 600L
Bikini: MIMI'S CHOICE - 150L
Place: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Twilight%20Caye/182/36/20
Hair: booN - 80L (when it was on sale)

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