domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

"He loves his little one"

What a beautiful place with such a sweet and cool yukata for girls and guys!!!!!!
Are you looking for any Yukata? Come here and start your hunt today.
It was difficult for me, btw I hunted with my friend Katien :D She is good with it!
Obrigada Kati por me ajudar ahahahhaha e fiquei feliz de ter gostado da caça tb!


Fashion check
MEN - Group gift Yukata (tag) *male item*
GIRL - mini Hunt yukata gift (need to find 5 clogs)

Um comentário:

Nico disse...

I love u ..little one...but sometime u are so mean with ur daddy! and stop to drink beer and smoke drugs!!! smuackkkxxxxxxxxx


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