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50L Sales and The ○ Project

Hello guys! Sorry I was busy in RL, but now I could come to show you hot news from SL ;)



The Circle Project is a non profit shopping sim, where the best of the designers have teamed up  to create the ultimate shopping experience. Along with the normal items each designer has, every month there will be a themed exclusive item open only for sale to the circle project.

This is the final list of the stores participating in The Circle Project.
Opening March 14th - 3.14

  • This is a fawn by OMGWTF Barbecue
  • [AddiCt] by Kianna Noel
  • [[[SHADE THRONE]]] by Undo Hermano
  • Tiny Bird by Autumn Hykova
  • Strumpet by Hotdogs Miami
  • Sugarskull by Ellie Celt
  • ( Opening in the circle project )
  • KENZIE&CO by Kenzie Craven�
  • [Pink Fuel] by Mochi Milena�
  • !Ohmai by Anya Ohmai
  • Don't Freak Out! by Willa Whybrow
  • Tyranny Designs by Tyr Rozenblum
  • :GAUGED: by Llis Kirax
  •  ~Scribble~ by Radio Signals
  • Reek by Riq Graves
  • Young Urban by Trevor Turner�
  • lamb. by Lamb Bellic
  • !Imabee by Brendon Papp
  • [The Habitat] by Till Hapmouche
  • END by Jonny Petrova
  • *BOOM* by Aranel Ah
  • CheerNo by CheerNo Destiny & Aristoteles Allen
Let's Go >>>


YES! At Liberty Sim is having this 50L Sales, you should go there and CHECK IT OUT!
Also at Posh have soooooo pretty hair for 50L which comes with hair bow +PLUS+ 8 free colorful hair bows!

Let's go >>>

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