sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2009

01 Celebration by Beauty in FREE!

26.11.09 - First Officer Meeting of Beauty in Free!

Isn't came all officers that day, but im glad to met great persons like you Isa and Green. Welcome to "our" Beauty in FREE! :) I wish to have a really good time together again.

First party wearing santa outfit LOL we could be with theses 2 sweeties with us, me and Isa. I loved the event, because we could know more about our members. My friends are called KIMM and XENA who came with a sexy santa outfit! AHAHAH Ty ladies for yours coming :) <3 We need to do it again ahahahah

Second time, I called MZQIT and she tped her friends: Cherri, Darick, and Lieffile. We drank and congrated that special moment with a good champagne! ahahahah (a present from Green) Thank you so much.

<<<Santa's RoofTop Party>>>

Me on Party ;)


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