sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2009

How to make/take a beautiful snapshot?

Make your own studio like I do, or go to studio to take a nice photo which the wall have ONE color on the back.
OK, come on, let's start.

Go to World button > ENVIROMENT settings > enviroment EDITOR.
Then, adjust the ADVANCED SKY → (tab) Lighting.

part 1, SKY presets: Default → A-12 PM
part 2, change how you like, thats my way:
When you want to get more light or not move the Scene Gamma part.

part 3, move the shadows how you like, with or without shadows:

part 4, see the difference: Sky presets - New Preset that you made now! Exemple of mine here.

F I N I S H.

Fashion check now:
Hair, *JetDoll* - Chickadee Hair Red - It's not free i think.
Clothes, "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" Hunt Gift From: Thimbles (WOMEN) - Retrology's Hunt Gift

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